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A leading manufacturer of Bio Pesticides, Bio Fertilizer, Grub Controller, Anti Viral and lot more products that are beneficial for the agricultural sector

About Us

India as an agrarian economy looks bleak, here with the expansion of industrialization & urbanization land available for agriculture has reduced to a high extent. Today, chemicals, chemical fertilizer, and salinization are widely used across the county and they have hampered soil health. Due to the poor health of the soil in various states, the crops that are being produced on them have less nutrition, reduction in productivity leading to a vicious cycle and increased pest diseases.

The fact of nature is that in around 3,000 years just 6 inches of the top layer of the soil is produced. But in every 28 years around 1 inch of topsoil is getting harmed due to current farming practices.

Realizing all the harms that our Mother Earth is facing, we have started our business of products that promote organic farming and are good for the health of the soil. Our company Urvara Bio-Sciences Private Limited,  is a part of Urvara Group that holds a good reputation in the market. Our offerings include Bio Fungicides, Soil Conditioners, Fulvic Acid, Extracts, etc..through which we aim to help the farmers. The products supplied by us help in improving the productivity of crop thereby assisting the country in meeting the increasing demand. Besides being a manufacturer and wholesaler, we are also an exporter that supplies products to many Asian counties. With the use of modern technology and the assistance of professionals as well as business associate, we are able to meet the clients need on assured time. Our offered range is famous among customers because of the outcomes like high yield, disease-free plant, high nutritional value, etc. Moreover, all our products are quality assured and offered at unbelievable rates to the customers along with many benefits.

Our Team

Our team is well qualified and dedicated towards their work, they have complete knowledge of agricultural biotechnology, plant breeding, genetics, life science, organic farming, and seed production techniques. Our team of professionals is honest and accomplishes their task with loyalty, perfection and under the international industrial guidelines. 

Our Vision

We have gained a huge prominence within a short duration of time and have a huge customer base in the states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, etc. The vision of our reliable enterprise is to offer world-class products like Bionematicides, Organic Manure, Bio Insecticides, Bio Fungicides, etc  that results in the below-mentioned points:

  • Better productivity
  • Residue-free farming
  • Hold the fertility of the soil
  • Increase the taste, nutritional values as well as the shelf life of the products
  • Offer agro products that promote Indian agriculture at the global level
  •  Attainment of food security and empowerment of farming
  • Also, we are planning to come up with mobile and apps with the help of which farmers will be able to avail our services quickly. We are sure that with our team efforts, we will be able to attain the desired goals of our organization.

Four Pillars

The group of “Urvara” has four sister concerns namely Urvara Seeds, Urvara Bio-Sciences Private Limited, Urvara Marks, and Urvara Foundation. Each one is leading in their respective field and is outshining in the market for their respective products and Urvara is proud to become a leading brand and the first choice of customers throughout the market.